true love

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       [bing_translator]  Sometimes, I got lost and do not know where to go. In fact, no one can be that strong and live well with nothing. So ,I may feel upset and hopeless in my dull time. But every time when I see the photo of you ,I am filled with energetic. Your slight smile give me much power that you can never imagine .you are always the sunshine in my life. you tell me where am I and what I really care.

There are many things that we can never explain. I fell in love with you at the first sight of you. It is unbelievable but my feeling tell me to follow you whole life. My feeling is so strong that I have no choice but to think for you all the time. I wish you will be mine in the future.

Always, life maybe nothing but an empty dream for us. It is not good as we often expected. Iwant to hold your hands and be with you forever. Time flies, we may be apart formany reasons. But I wish you know, what is the true love.

There is an old fable.

Long long ago, a lively girl and a brave boy lives together for many years. so, they get on well with each other. The boy will take good care of the little girl, protected her from being hurt, the boy will try his best to help the girl. the girl will be very happy when they are together. she often washed the clothes for the boy, in order to let him have more time to rest. The world may forget the place where they lives, because it is too small and remote. They never go out to see the world outside. They are pleased with the life now. they loves each other so much, then ,they got married. On that day, they both made a swear, we will love each other all the time, if one day, I broke the oath, I will be punished and will die soon. Please God as our witness.

They think it is all of their life, but something happen suddenly and never wait us make full preparation. An earthquake destroyed  their house,so , they had to go out to find new home.

It is their first time to leave home and see the world outside. There is much beyond their imagination. The boy find a job quickly and afford the family. Everything is fine here gradually.

One day, the girl is going to buy something for the boy, at this time. She met a man, he is so handsome that she have no words to describe. It is seems the gift that the god gives her, the strong and special feeling that she never had forced her to say hello to the man. The man fell in love with her at the first sight of her at the moment, she is so beautiful and lively that he thinks she must be the girl that he waited so long. Then , he gave a touch to the girl and have dinner together.

Maybe, that is not what true love really is ,she may just simply treat the boy as her brother,the boy is very important for her but that is not love at all. She is very enjoy the love that the man gives her. The man treat her as dear as his life too. But ,the girl do not want to hurt his heart, she tried to do more things  for the boy to offset. But finally, the boy know what really happen.

Because of the oath the girl broke, she got illness heavily, the boy took her to many hospitals but still no wish. Then, he realized it is all because of the oath. He tell it to the girl, but the girl said happily. In fact ,I do not regret what I have done, at least, I feel the power of true love, I can not go against my will, I only feel sorry to you, wish you can forgive me and live happily till the end.

true love

The boy still love the girl deeply, but he never hate her, in fact, that is all because of the true love. He asked the man to take care of the girl. He decide to do something to save her, even lose his own life.

The girl plans to die happily with the true love she aspired, the man was very sad but he cannot giving up loving her. He want to die with the girl together. But the girl say no ,he should enjoy the rest life. But at the moment ,they do not know where the boy goes.

The boy returned their old house, he abused the god for his weakness and ignorant. He said it is him who first broke the oath, then ,the god is very angry with him and punished him, obviously, the oath was broken, so, there must be a person die, so, the boy wish the person is himself.

at the same time, the girl feel well soon.

The man is so happy that his eyes are filled with tears, but soon, the girl feel a sense of terrorand begin to cry sadly, she know what had happened. She returned the house with the man quickly. She saw the boy lie down on the floor serenely. She find apaper from his hands, it is the last word he want to say to her.

“oh, dear ,do not worry about me, I am just enjoy my true love. I am happy to be with you so long, you are my sunshine .My life is always bright because of you. You brought me too much happiness. Now, I am happy because you find your true love. In fact, it is all because of the true love. Although, I am dead, I still value our true love and give you the best wishes,it is my choice.

The girl and theman was deeply touched, they know what the true love is and know how to valueit.

In fact , true love is giving ,not taking. Always , giving can bring us more pleasure.


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